Genesis G90

2020 Genesis G90

Genesis is one of the best-growing luxury brands in America for a reason. The value and degree of amenities which are included in all Genesis brands are why many people are now switching over to Genesis vehicles! Genesis has been delivering exceptionally high-quality vehicles, and their latest release with the 2020 Genesis G90 is certainly no exception to this level of output seen in years past. Without further ado, let’s explore exactly how the 2020 Genesis G90 is so extravagantly lavish on all levels.

 What's New for the 2020 Genesis G90?

Genesis, a luxury Korean automaker, has created the very best in convenience, safety, and performance. An imposing grandiose crest grille with geometric pattern can be seen from a mile away and is what first attracts everyone to its beauty amongst a bed of chrome trim. This very same pattern is applied to the G90’s quad lamp headlights to create a sparkling crystal look that represents pure luxury. The same holds for its rear lights, which resemble the Maybach yet without the sticker shock. 12.3” display panels and Lexicon high-grade audio surround sound speakers grace the presence of all who bask in the G90’s interior, too.

Climate memory controls allow for instant throttling between your ideal temperatures while rolling on G Matrix Pattern Dish wheels that exude prowess and stature. By far, though, the most advanced feature of the G90 is the integration with the navigation system which intuitively knows when to increase air filters based on your proximity to smellier-than-average situations such as tunnels. Recirculation Mode Plus automatically closes the windows and filters the air inside. Similarly, pressing the air purification mode button gives an instant boost of fresh air any time that you desire! Front and rear wireless charging pads allow for recharging your phones without the mental worry of having a run-down phone.

 2020 Genesis G90 Coming Soon in Memphis, TN

As far as safety is concerned, rear monitors are available to be turned on during driving in case of rearview mirrors being blocked by passengers and road conditions are always being transmitted to the G90 in real-time so that you’re never out of the loop with traffic standings. Lane following assist (LFA) ensures that your entire journey is following the straightened arrow, while Blindspot View Mirrors (BVM) ensure that you’re protected when changing lanes.

There are so many more incredible reasons why the G90 is making waves in the luxury automotive industry that to get a full run-down of the specs and features of the G90 you are cordially invited to contact or come down to Genesis of Wolfchase to better understand what a fantastic feature-packed value the G90 holds.